Friday, April 19, 2013

William delivers a gem....

I completed another trade with William over at Foul Bunt right before I went into the hospital for my surgery. I sent him Heritage of his beloved Oriole's and he sent me, well I'll just let the pics speak for themselves......

Yea, like I said, William delivered a gem of a package. First we have a 1971 Topps Eddie Leon. Leon played 5 seasons with the Tribe, no doubt having his best years in 1970 and 1971. This is my first of his cards, and I'm glad it is during his best years. Secondly, we have one of the most beautiful cards I have ever seen. Kipnis is easily one of my favorite current players. I have most of his cards and am now, with the addition of this, only 2 cards away from having his parallel's from Series 1 (Pink and Purple). This is actually the Silver Slate Redemption card so having it is extra special. Being that I was able to receive it thru trade and I didn't have to wait til I get back to work to purchase it, this is in my top 20 favorite cards of all time. He also sent me a 1969 Topps Dick Ellsworth but the file will not load so I will write about that when I can upload the picture. William once again you have delivered and I thank you for that. Head over, read his blog, and send him your Oriole's haha,

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  1. Great stuff, I've been meaning to grab one or two of those Opening Day Blue Sparkle parallels!