Friday, April 19, 2013

Second trade and a first Relic....

My second trade I completed happened with Bryan at Golden Rainbow Cards. Bryan emailed me and asked if I could help him complete his rainbow needs in 2013 Series 1. I was able to send him a few of what he had left to complete, what I received however was a treat. First he sent me a few random Indian's cards, most of which were in better condition than the one's I already had which was awesome. But it only got better.

First, we have an awesome card of one of my all time favorites Carlos Baerga. I actually was surprised I did not already have this card because, well LOOK AT IT!! It captures Baerga at what he did best, turn a routine DP into a top 10 play of the week. I always would go into the backyard with a tennis ball, throw it against the house, and try to imitate play's that I would see Baerga do. Between him and Omar Vizquel, a kid could really get into shape. Back to the card's tho....the prize of the package had to be this.....

Bingo!! This is one of my top cards I wanted so far this year. Not only is it beautful, but my parents actually bought me (from QVC I believe) a 1995 World Series ball that has Albert's auto and 50/50 written below it. So when I saw this card was based on what he did that year I knew I had to have it. Fortunately for me, Bryan had one and sent it my way. 

So cheers to you Bryan, and good luck on your rainbows. I'm sure this will not be the only trade we complete, as your blog is one of the more enjoyable ones I read.


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