Friday, April 19, 2013

A long time coming......

Well I have completed a few trades now since beginning this blog. I have met some amazing collector's and have received some awesome cards. The problem? I haven't updated or shown any of them. So here goes nothing.......

My first ever "blog" trade happened with William over at FoulBunt. I happened to have a few Series 1 Emerald cards he needed, in return he had some Indians A&G I needed.

These are some 2007 A&G that unbelievably I had 0 of. I have always loved the A&G design but didn't actually start collecting the set's until it's 2010 release year. I'm not the best editor but I had to show these cards together on a page. They are flawless when together and fit seamlessly into my Indians team set binder.

 My favorite card of the trade however.........

....was this Victor Martinez National Pride insert card from the 2009 set. Not only is it an awesome picture of Victor, but the team colors really pop off of the background. Victor was one of my favorite Indians players. He actually played his minor league baseball with C.C. Sabathia for the Mahoning Valley Scrappers. The cool thing about that, oh yea, they are located 10 mins from where I live and I can actually walk to the field from work in about 4 mins. Unfortunately, the Scrappers haven't really had the players like Victor and C.C. since they left. Anyways, I have Victor's autograph from when he was a Scrapper and it's nice to add another card to my collection of his that I did not have. Even if he is a rival now. 

So to William, THANK YOU for making my first trade a memorable one, and introducing me to this wonderful world of blogging.



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