Sunday, March 24, 2013

Twas the night before....

Well it's almost that time. That time where nothing I can do will stop some man from ripping my guts out. That's right, it's surgery time. (technically tomorrow at 7am it is). Now I know what your thinking, "why is he perfectly ok with getting his guts ripped out?" Well if you must know, for one, I'm not actually getting my guts RIPPED out, it's just fun to say, and secondly, I'm hoping this is the last thing needed to rid my body of this horrible cancer. See, they are going to remove roughly 30-40 of my Lymph Nodes, and depending on the findings I may or may NOT need chemotherapy. Believe me after my last rant I got some answers, so if 0-1 nodes are cancerous I will just be put on surveillance, 2-5 nodes then it's 2 rounds of chemo, more than 5 and I will have the full 3-4 rounds of chemo initially scheduled. I should be home no later then Thursday (just in time for everyone to rub it in my face how good the Easter ham is this year), and can begin recovery. Hopefully recovery should take no longer then 6-8 weeks and I can head back to work shortly after that. Of course that is only if I do not need chemo. If I do, well then, the hell if I know.

Actually the only thing I'm really upset about is that I didn't have the time to scan some of the cards I received this week, or in my first trade for that matter. Oh, well. I will definitely have enough time in the near future. Well I'm not going to ramble on to much today. I had to drink some awful magnesium citrate so I can't sit in one place for too long.  I will try to put an update on here as soon as I can, or as soon as I can convince Carrie to do so for me. Until then, enjoy your day(s) and may we meet on the other side. Ken

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