Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cards and the "Heritage"

Well it's been a very productive last couple of days. I have finally tucked away the last of the cards I got from my first trade!!! William over at foulbunt was awesome enough to send me some Indian's from the late 00's A&G's I did not have, in return I sent him some Emeralds to help complete his set. As soon as it's working I will scan some of my favorite's I received. I will definitely be trading again with him soon. Going through all of my old cards, while filing away the new, have brought back some good memories of when/how I acquired them. Once again when the scanner is up and functional I'll post some of my favs. Already this year I will forever remember my Indian's Heritage SP's (Brantley/Santana) and how I got them.....I'll save that for another time. Until then, be safe and make sure to enjoy that WBC finale going on tonite!

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